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Why implement a chatbot?

Are you a company?

We have the solution you need to improve your sales and streamline your processes! Are you struggling to showcase your products, take orders, and manage deliveries effectively?

Benefits for your Company:

  • Multichannel: Available on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, and Web chat.
  • Real-time Orders: Get orders instantly.
  • Increase your Sales: Simplify the purchasing process for your customers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce costs and increase efficiency in your operations.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect it with your existing information systems.
  • User-Friendly: Your sellers will use it seamlessly, without the need for training.

Discover how Chat-Bots can change the future of your company

Why Chat-Bots?

  • Free Advice: Adapt WhatsApp orders to your sales processes.
  • Identity Validation: Ensure the authenticity of your customers/sellers to place orders.
  • Product Validation: Confirm the availability of your products before confirming the order.
  • Efficient Confirmation: Notify your customers/sellers once you receive the order.
  • Business Rules: Use your business rules to ensure consistency in your processes.
  • Maximum Security: All information is encrypted for peace of mind.
  • Intuitive Dialogues: Guide your customers/sellers through simple and friendly dialogues.

What is Chat-Bots?

Chat-Bots connect your business with customers, suppliers, salesforce, and employees directly, friendly, and instantly. At Chat-Bots, our specialized team will help you design the ideal system for your sales channels.

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