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Are your customers frustrated with slow responses? High expenses in customer service and live chat?

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Why implement a chatbot?

The solution is:

  • A robust and scalable platform that grows with your company.
  • A complete team of experts ready to advise and customize the perfect solution.
  • Adaptable technology that optimizes your sales and customer service without increasing costs.
  • A 24/7 communication channel so your customers never feel neglected.
  • An intuitive chatbot that answers questions and provides accurate information.
  • A personalized service that fits your specific needs.

Manuel tells us how a Chat-Center can change the future of your company

How do we help your company?

Turnkey project so you can focus on what you do best: selling!

  • Multichannel platform covering WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and Webchat.
  • Direct and reliable integration with WhatsApp.
  • Proprietary technology that guarantees the privacy of your data and your customers’.
  • Graphical and user-friendly interface that makes management a pleasure.
  • Technical and consulting team always at your disposal.
  • Continuous support in the growth of your platform.
  • Maximum customization of your communication channel.
  • Real-time graphics and reports. Technical support at all times.

What is Chat-Bots?

Chat-Bots connect your business with customers, suppliers, salesforce, and employees directly, friendly, and instantly. At Chat-Bots, our specialized team will help you design the ideal system for your sales channels.

Novaventa imagen

Novaventa achieved a monthly savings of 28.8 million thanks to its Chat-Center

A leading company in Colombia, Novaventa, needed to optimize its customer service and manage its food vending machines in stores. We implemented Chat-Bots on WhatsApp, resulting in a one-time savings of 28.8 million Colombian pesos, a drastic reduction in response time, and an increase in user satisfaction.

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