Zone IA: Artificial Intelligence Community and Chatbots in Colombia

2019-01-11 14:08:01 por: Sofía Tellez

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We want to inform you that Colombia already has a community dedicated to the development of knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Machine Learning.

Zone IA

This community is being promoted by students of the Systems Engineering deanatura of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga - UNAB, who decided to hold an online forum for those interested in learning about chatbots, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, You can ask your questions there.

We invite you to be part of this new community so that they can participate actively in the forum of questions and learn about the latest news about these topics.

Enter the Zona Zona IA here

Next we want to share one of the many published articles that Zona IA has in its forum, which demonstrates the diversity of content and research that they develop...

What is a chatbot?


So excited to know What is chatbot?

Friends, before I start defining what a chatbot is, let me tell you something about the world of artificial intelligence.

Undoubtedly, you know that a machine or a robot can do a better job than a human if it has been taught in a very systematic way. In agreement?

That is what the computer books tell us, but the Artificial Intelligence in other terms is the excellence exhibited by the machines, instead of humans or other animals.

We believe that chatbots are to simplify your life, which is one of the best innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

What do chatbots do?

A chatbot is a simple computer program that conducts a conversation on demand through artificial intelligence.

The concept of conversation is the center of a chatbot. A chatbot can provide many functions and you can stay on the main chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, text messages, websites and many others.

These days, chatbots have become an intermediate layer between customers and service providers. Chatbots are commonly used in dialogue systems for various practical purposes, including customer service, call centers, Internet gaming or any type of information acquisition. It's an easy way to get quick answers to simple questions.

They have advantages over human agents. First of all, it must be said, that they have availability 24/7. Always on time, always accurate, always at your disposal, it works while your human employees are asleep, distracted, without work or busy. Chatbots can also defeat humans when we talk about speed and precision.

Chatbots can help companies to a large extent. Each business has one of the biggest concerns of their customer service and they used to do a lot to demonstrate their best satisfactory service at the forefront. In such a practice, commercial employees must respond again and again to a typical set of questions or they can gather all of these issues in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

But, what happens if all these questions-answers are possible to solve together at the same time? This is how chatbots can do a better job for you than humans.

And interestingly, chatbots are basically replacing individual applications today. Instead of closing Facebook Messenger and opening an e-commerce website, you can simply open the chatbot of that website (if you have chatbot) and continue with the purchases or any information you want, right there.

We believe that, with the advance in artificial intelligence technology, chatbots are expected to be one of the easiest and most powerful ways to offer the best messaging experience with the best personalization practice possible.