Which industries can obtain the greatest benefits through the use of chatbots?

2018-08-29 21:51:46 por: Sofía Tellez

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Chatbots not only communicate better with customers than live staff, but demonstrate a wonderful ability to convert visitor traffic, increase sales and increase interaction with customers, while reducing costs to do business .

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More and more companies want to integrate chatbot into their business model. So, what industries can obtain the greatest benefits through the implementation of chatbots?

Hotel sector

In the hotel sector, success is directly related to speed and quality of service. The hotels serve mainly a clientele that, by definition, is always "on the move". They must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the most original communication tool of their guests: their smartphones.

In the hotels that use them, chatbots offer everything from check-in to a wide range of assistant services. They can book restaurants and activity reservations, help organize conference logistics and send service requests.

Banking sector

The Chatbots are also positioned to conquer the banking and financial sectors. The transactional nature of most banking tasks (balance inquiries, transfers, payments) makes them a perfect fit for a chatbot interface.

This change in the way of doing business has alleviated the discomfort that consumers initially felt when handling sensitive financial information on their mobile devices.


There is a big untapped opportunity for small businesses to use chatbots to generate leads. For service companies that depend on potential customers to sustain their businesses, chatbots can do most of the heavy lifting.

They can handle inquiries easily, regardless of how qualified the prospect is.

Chatbots can be created to interact with potential customers, capture them and self-tag them with key data and then sort them by prioritization grade.

For a company of any size, chatbots can add enormously to the generation of leads.

An ideal solution will include a strong user experience that engages and qualifies potential customers and facilitates interaction between human sales agents


Chatbots allow brands to increase their presence in e-commerce.

A chatbot can drastically optimize the customer experience by analyzing the visitor's previous behavior and purchasing history to predict their current needs.

The result is a highly interactive and hyperpersonalized shopping experience guided by a "sales assistant" who is an expert in reducing the number of decisions and searches made by a client.

As you can see these are just a sample of the multiple sectors in which the chatbot have earned their place.

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