Whatsapp for brokers

2019-09-12 23:57:54 por: Sofía Tellez

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Hi, I'm Sofia, and today we're going to talk about who the brokers are and why the WhatsApp is a useful tool for them. First of all, we must know What is a Broker?

A broker is an intermediary who contacts a buyer to offer advice and generate sales for a company in exchange for a commission. That is, it is the one that allows a transaction to be made.

An example of Brokers are real estate agents, who are looking for a client, provide all the advice to offer the real estate that fits their needs and close the sale; facilitating this process to the real seller.

Today brokers are using the WhatsApp as a valuable source of information and also as a means to offer their services or products to their stakeholders.

This is because as time passes, people have changed telephone and email communication by instant messaging.

Now, can we imagine the strategic ally that is a chatbot in WhatsaApp for brokers? It is that ally that receives, orders and stores valuable information facilitating the entire process.

Make it simple, make it simple with a chat!