What is WhatsApp Business?

2019-06-26 13:53:14 por: Sofía Tellez

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Hello, I'm Sofia! And today we will know what "WhatsApp Business" is.

WhatsApp is an application that since its inception has been evolving and increasingly has more and better features.

This is a work tool useful in many companies.

That's why he created WhatsApp Business, which is a free Android application that was developed especially for small businesses.

With this application, companies can interact with their customers in an easy to use tools to automate, organize and respond to messages.

Each company can create a profile with useful information for its clients such as address, company description, email address and website.

There is also the option of "quick answers" which allows you to save the messages that are sent frequently to return a response when it is required to respond to the common requirements of users.

In addition, you can obtain statistics of the messages that were sent, delivered and read successfully and you can establish a message of absence for users to inform themselves when they can respond to their needs.

Thus, WhatsApp Business is a very useful application for all businesses that facilitate and optimize their communication.

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