What is the importance of verifying the WhatsApp business line?

2019-10-17 20:31:25 por: Sofía Tellez

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What do you think when you receive WhatsApp messages from unknown numbers?

Some ask who is contacting, others try to find out who the sender is through their profile picture and their phone number and others simply ignore the message.

But why does all this happen? Simple! This behavior is due to the fact that we never know if these anonymous messages have scam or impersonation fines and we do not want to expose ourselves.

The same can happen if companies do not verify their whatsapp line through a broker.

The verification of the line ensures that the company addresses its customers with a letter of introduction, that is:

That the client will soon be able to see the name of the company and the verification logo that certifies that this is the company's line of business and that it is not a false profile.

Apart from providing customer security the company will also be sure that it is not supplanted.

Secure customer, secure sale!

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