What is it to be a Reseller?

2018-10-11 18:05:51 por: Sofía Tellez

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Hi, I'm Manuel. Have you heard the term reseller but you're not totally familiar with it? In this video I will give you one of the main characteristics and advantages of being a reseller.

As the population increases, so does the demand for all types of goods and services, which is why companies are looking for new commercial strategies to boost their sales and take advantage of market opening.

A business strategy used by many companies to boost sales of their products or services is to have a sales force called reseller.

A reseller is a strategic ally that is in charge of representing a company commercially, in such a way that it offers its products or services. Further:    • Increase your income with each sale closed on behalf of said company.

It is totally autonomous, so you can schedule your schedule of activities without depending on schedules.

Receive training expanding their theoretical, practical knowledge and skills, as well as their knowledge of the service and / or product to offer.

• You can contribute to the company that represents all your experience and knowledge in commercial strategy.

• You should not always make economic contributions, since the product or service can be purchased directly by the end customer through the reseller.

• You can choose to what segments of the market arrive, as long as it does not exceed the parameters established by the company represented.

• Supports the commercial department of the company it represents by strengthening its sales strategies, contributing to its client portfolio and improving its results.

• You should not have a direct employment relationship with the company, as it is a strategic ally of the company, so, you only need to: know very well the product or service to offer and have the desire to improve your income.

You can also be a Reseller of chatbots, a service with high demand by companies nowadays, since every day organizations seek to automate their processes.

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