What are the Chatbots?

2018-03-02 20:23:43 por: Sofía Tellez

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A chatbot is a functional platform that allows you to interact automatically through a chat interface.


This type of services could do a number of things, ranging from making a simple query to complex things such as purchases, orders, surveys, customer service, and could work on any main chat product (WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.).

Why are chatbots a great opportunity?

Lately, the digital ecosystem has been questioned about why Chatbots have been so relevant today, perhaps they are simple chat text services ... What are the real benefits?

Well, technology managers have begun to be interested in the various functions that the use of Chatbots can offer in their business processes (sales, inventories, queries, PQRs, etc); since it facilitates to capture and synchronize the data of the processes in real time with the information systems of the companies.

Now the picture is different for users, since for the first time in history people are using messaging applications more than what social networks are using.

Believe it! With robots, the possibilities are endless. Companies can create anything imaginable, and it's time to do just that.

The figures say it all! Below, you can see how the trend of use between messaging platforms and social networks is marked:

indicator-apps-social networks Source:

People tend to use messaging applications more than what social networks are using.

"People now spend more time in messaging applications than in social networks and this is a big turning point, messaging applications are the platforms of the future and robots will be how their users access all type of services. " - Peter Rojas, entrepreneur resident in Betaworks