Video: Chatbots as a brand image

2019-09-13 22:53:09 por: Sofía Tellez

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Have you ever wondered if a chatbot can be as a brand image? Watch the following video and leave us an opinion:

The brand image of a company is the mental representation of the values ​​or attributes that are perceived from it.

When a user uses a chatbot begins to establish an emotional relationship with it, this due to:

Its natural language, its personality, its difficulty, its ease of use, its courtesy, among many other qualities, which improves the brand image of the company that implements it.

Some multinational companies have implemented chatbots with particular characteristics to boost their business, for example:

Apple Siri has an ingenious and at the same time daring personality, which gives confidence to its users and an air of carefreeness.

And Amazon Alexa that has a more reserved personality and does not use specific words used in jargon.

In conclusion, chatbots are excellent tools if it is about enhancing the company's brand image, they can have an identity, a unique style and perfectly empathize with their users.

Make it simple, make it simple with a chat!