2020 and the digital transformation

2020-03-10 17:39:25 por: Sofía Tellez

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Many companies take advantage of the beginning of the year to analyze their opportunities for improvement and the risks that they have in their processes.

In addition, they plan new strategies in order to improve the results of their procedures.

However, many companies still use obsolete methods to perform their routine activities.

Methods such as filling out physical forms, attending frequently asked questions and orders personally and maintaining office hours for customer service.

However, 2020 begins in an era where digital transformation becomes necessary both in society and in companies.

Which does not always imply an abrupt change or a very high investment ... "It's all about business strategy."

An alternative that is being used today to boost innovation and digital transformation in companies is the implementation of chatbot’s.

These are some strategic allies that work through artificial intelligence and contribute to the continuous improvement of the procedures.

Through chatbots you can standardize, automate and facilitate different activities within companies optimizing work times.

Starting the year by entering the wave of the digital transformation is very easy.

Make them simple, make it simple with a chat!