Tips to implement a chatbot in your company

2018-05-23 22:17:56 por: Sofía Tellez

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We have seen the benefits of chatbots and the growing trends that surround them, and now the next question is, what are the key high-level considerations when implementing a chatbot in your company? As mentioned in our blog (The benefits of a chatbot in your business) a benefit of chatbots is to reduce costs in the medium and long term.

An exhaustive exercise of business analysis is an essential step to track the areas of improvement in a company, define the role of the chatbot and establish objectives.

A key area will probably be the customer service department where customers interact and exchange information.

A second consideration would be to review the company's strategy, business processes and current types of clients to determine the best communication channel in which the implementation of a chatbot would add more value (for example, Facebook chat, WhatsApp, online chat on the company's website).

One of the key points in a company that should lead to the implementation of a chatbots would be the Customer Experience.

Chatbots are the answer to most of the main reasons why the customer experience is negative in a company: things like not providing the best customer experience due to the bottlenecks (often inadvertently) introduced in your business, for example, longer waiting times, errors and inefficiency in telephone customer service, and not being up to date with the latest trends to help them improve the overall experience.

Making the most of the ability of a profitable 24/7 customer service offered by chatbots can introduce huge efficiencies in terms of overheads, a greater shopping experience and a resulting increase in sales.

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