The present and future of Conversational Commerce in the hands of chatbots : )

2018-05-23 22:59:48 por: Sofía Tellez

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Instead of selling products through your own destination (such as a website) or a destination hosted by another retailer, conversational commerce promises to bring the consumer into a dialogue with the seller.


The conversation at this time mainly occurs when interacting with a dedicated account within a chat service, such as interact with Grupo Éxito's account with "Todo Hogar" on WhatsApp or Leonisa.

In the future, commerce will be more fluidly integrated into chat services, such as when two friends talk about what they want for dinner and use a fast-food chabot in the conversation.

This is already happening with the application of Apple messages, as well as on Facebook with the integration of Uber and Lyft.

Now consumers feel frustrated when they need to talk to someone on the phone to order a meal, since the process can be quite cumbersome and delayed, to the point of leading the user to decline their intention to purchase. The best part is that chatbots almost always understand what the buyer wants, and the fulfillment of the order is perfect.

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