How to take advantage of WhatsApp for your marketing plan

2018-03-06 22:44:53 por: Sofía Tellez

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Some time ago we are beginning to see that companies are integrating WhatsApp into their communication channels as an ally for the attention, collection and consultation of commercial data, and this is opening a new space to review the best way to adapt this tool to the development of business businesses.


But beyond the ease of use that evidently presents WhatsApp, you can not help but consider that it is a platform that has many possibilities at the time of being included in the marketing strategy.

Indeed, companies can take advantage of WhatsApp services to develop now more than ever marketing campaigns that generate alternative ways for customers to place orders, transactions, appointments, delivery and shipment notifications, product updates and service that solve your concerns.

The trick to take advantage of WhatsApp in the marketing strategy, begins by understanding how intuitive it is for the client and what is easy to adapt to any business process by the companies, which allows having a wide coverage in several market segments massively.

Many companies are already starting to use WhatsApp manually to receive orders, addresses and even their PQRs, but to be able to support these strategies more efficiently, it is advisable to use automation platforms that help collect and share massive information, as is the case of the platform Chat-Bots®, a tool that is synchronized directly with WhatsApp and optimizes the results that are expected to be obtained with each marketing strategy.

The wonderful thing about this platform is that, according to its privacy policy, WhatsApp allows the use commercial messaging to do everything described above. See policy here.

If alternative ways are offered to clients to communicate and interact with products and services, opportunities are opened to create new, more pleasant and effective experiences.