Video How to facilitate the PQRS process in a company?

2019-12-31 15:19:01 por: Sofía Tellez

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In every company, the process of requests, complaints, claims and suggestions or better called PQRS is very important.

This is what allows customers or users of a company to have a direct communication with it and can contribute to continuous improvement.

The PQRS process is usually handled by telephone attention, written satisfaction surveys, physical suggestions mailbox and / or email.

However, companies cannot always respond and resolve them in a timely manner, due to their amount or lack of personal assistant time.

This often causes nonconformity, causing the company to lose customers and until it loses its reputation; In addition to deteriorating the quality of service.

All of the above sounds very complex, however, there is a tool called chatbot, which can facilitate this whole process, but how? ... Simple!

With the implementation of a chatbot, the company can automatically receive all PQRS in real time and it will be in charge of sorting them by priority so that they can be serviced on time.

In addition, thanks to its programming with natural language this tool has the ability to solve the most frequent PQRS or that do not require a service advisor.

Make it simple, make it simple with a chat!