How #Chatbots are creating sales and conversion opportunities

2018-04-19 20:40:02 por: Sofía Tellez

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The #chatbots have shown great potential in the change of almost all industries, including sales. They have become pure happiness and a blessing for companies. They are widely used to complement the customer service and increase its quality.

Now, we have begun to ask if the #chatbots are ready to claim their place as a crucial marketing channel.

The #chatbots implemented in the messaging applications, such as #WhatsApp, are a powerful tool to reach, as well as to convert, activate and involve the #Customers.

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Realizing the wide scope of opportunities for #chatbots, companies around the world are taking advantage of this technology as a productive point of contact with the #Client.

The direct impact on sales and conversion is a fundamental issue for marketing managers and owners to consider.


Why should I think of a #Chatbot for your company?

Before implementing a #chatbot in business, a marketing professional or business owner will consider technology from different perspectives, since each of them has its own objectives.

The task of marketing is to find and reach a target audience, as well as to communicate the way in which a product can solve the customer's problem. Businessmen aspire to increase sales and increase revenues. A #chatbot can handle both.

The growth in the popularity of messaging applications has gradually broadened the sphere of activity #commercial and #marketing. As for Messenger, thinking of it as a place to chat with friends means underestimating the scope of its potential.

People like to use messaging applications and prefer to spend most of their time using them. Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users per month. Therefore, it is a logical step to market services and products where customers are already.

automatic chat

Opportunities with #Chatbots

Increased commitment. After the conversation with a human being, the #chatbot can remind a customer from time to time about a product by sending of product updates and promotional offers. Everything goes directly to the message box of #client and there is a good chance that it will open and read.

Data collection and analysis. When users post casual comments, they actually provide important information. A person voluntarily provides valuable data about recent purchases, residential areas, hobbies and preferences. The automatic chats are in the capacity to accumulate and manage this information.

People tend to behave and speak more freely when they know exactly who they interact with. The same policy applies to #chatbots. People are not willing to complete surveys, a #bot collects comments by asking the necessary questions, so comments are collected based on the responses of humans.

Driving sales. By instant reaction to a problem with a suitable solution, a #chatbot becomes a tool to boost sales. When a #robot has all the vital data collected from the client's behavior, it offers the correct product. The interaction between the #bot and the client starts with the greeting and advances towards the selection, then to the order and finally to the collection of payments. A fast and impeccable chain of events, without human errors.

In summary, interweaving the #Chatbots in the business is effective.

If the main companies do not hesitate to introduce technology into their operations, a medium-sized company should not think twice. Yes, before doing so you should keep in mind that the #chatbots poorly designed and primitive, like any other tool used unconsciously, can be destructive and discourage customers from Once for all.

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