Clippy the precursor of the chabots? The importance of #chatbots in the customer experience

2018-04-19 14:52:41 por: Sofía Tellez

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How to forget Clippy, the animated paper clip, in the old version of Microsoft Office, that often appeared and offered to help while you were working on a text.

I love him or I hate him! Everyone had an opinion about Clippy. And despite the wide range of user opinions, this useful clip was a precursor to the #chatbots.


In the last decades, this technology has had a greater development and, thanks to a combination of thematic software, (AI) artificial intelligence and automatic dialogues, it is becoming an important part of the customer experience. According to studies, in 2020 the #chatbots will manage around 85% of all the interactions of customer service in the world.

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Clear example of this is POSE, an application dedicated to helping you say what to wear every day from the data that you provide. This tool, indicates exactly what sunglasses they look and what shoes they combine with those glasses.

As you can see, the #chatbots offer a wide range of options to create valuable, human and personal interactions with customers.

Many customer experiences, an infinite number of possibilities

The customer experience is more complex than ever. Simply, it is no longer possible to refer to a single customer experience. Consumers move everywhere, online and offline, and expect a personalized approach to businesses throughout their multi-channel journey.

Communicating with them in the right way, at the right time and place, is a challenge for company managers and marketing specialists.

A good integration of #chatbots, in the customer experience, can provide consumers with quality perception and affinity with brands.

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