Chatbots: the best way to monetize your business

2018-08-29 17:23:26 por: Sofía Tellez

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There are four models that can be successfully adapted to monetize a business using chatbots. These models include Bots as a service, content, affiliate marketing and retail sales.

Chatbots have a series of different characteristics that make them a perfect vehicle for brands to reach consumers. These include a global presence, high retention rates and the ability to attract a younger audience.

Can be used to reduce the operating costs of companies and overcome service and operation barriers by automating processes that require large volumes of data capture and processing.

Chatbots provide services that help increase the capacity of brands and companies to better guide customers, provide services and increase productivity. These include bots used for research, generation of prospects and customer service, billing, orders, surveys.

It is important to keep in mind the following keys so that the monetization of your business, through chatbots, is a success.

Understand the psychology of the user

In essence, the monetization of a business using chatbots has to do with understanding and using the user's psychology to their benefit. To achieve this, you must be able to fulfill your promise about the service or product offered before a potential customer clicks on the chat.

A user will generate revenue only if the company offers something that is of tangible value. Let's say that if a chatbots is implemented for medical advice, a potential user will want to book an appointment that provides insightful, immediate and actionable information.

Chatbots as home page

A chatbot is not very different from a home page. If the CTA (call to action) is not obvious to the visitor, monetization simply will not happen. The basic but important elements of a successful chatbot are: a name for the short and relevant Bot, an easily recognizable icon, a simple opening text, and one that opens quickly

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