Video: Chatbots in direct sales companies

2019-10-04 22:11:18 por: Sofía Tellez

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And today we talk about the use of chatbots in companies that use direct sales.

Each company uses the distribution channels that best suit them specific to their geographic location, the products or services they offer and other specific features.

Some companies choose direct sales because they only affect the commercial staff that represents the company and visits customers in their homes.

These companies, which have their sales force making visits, need one or more tools that allow them to:

  • Measure the performance indicators of each of your commercials.
  • Receive reports of visits.
  • Manage databases of customers.
  • Receive closing reports of sales.
  • And manage databases of their commercials and the areas they manage.

All this is possible by implementing a chatbot because this magnificent tool can fulfill all these functions effectively and in real time.

Today's companies are implementing chatbots with the aim of improving and facilitating their processes.

Make it simple, make it simple with a chat!