Chat-Bots expert interview Why implement a chabot in a company?

2020-04-29 21:24:57 por: Sofía Tellez

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We prepare an interview with our Innovation Leader where he gives us his opinion about the implementation of chatbots in companies and solves some questions that we may also have:

  • Why implement a Chat Bot in a company?
  • Is a chatbot only for answering questions to clients?
  • In which areas can I implement a chatbot?
  • Is it safe to implement a chatbot in my company and what characteristics does its implementation have?
  • Do chatbots and artificial intelligence have something to do?
  • What is a better chatbot on WhatsApp, Messenger or website? Which from your experience would you recommend?
  • Is it feasible to implement this type of services on WhatsApp? Why are there Apps for each service?
  • Why do people prefer applications, perhaps there is a saturation of application development today?
  • How do mobile device users and businesses benefit from a chatbot?

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