Chat is the new sales channel

2018-03-15 19:48:56 por: Sofía Tellez

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Electronic commerce is advancing by leaps and bounds. This changing market constantly innovates offering different alternatives for consumers, who are increasingly looking for new ways of interacting with brands in order to make better purchasing decisions.


For example, they prefer to chat instead of calling, this is where an opportunity arises for merchants, sales through a virtual assistant or "chatbot." Although in other parts of the world it is normal for a robot to respond to chat, in Colombia its use is recent in matters of customer service, check-in or review stock movements.

In our country users are used to buying online is synonymous with buying at a discount and this is wrong, brands should offer better experiences that allow them to capitalize those efforts and sell products at full price.

When we talk about improving the user experience there are many elements that add up and chatbots, for example, bet on immediacy, which is a fundamental element in the success of eCommerce, where the consumer craves a product and wants to buy by making few Clicks

On the contrary, when it is difficult to find what is sought or the response is late, sales are lost.


In a chat users who come from different channels coincide: chat platforms, social networks, a virtual store or a web page.

But this medium, which increasingly becomes more relevant, takes time away from those who attend it manually: a store can take an average of two days chatting with a customer until closing a sale, and if it does with 30 customers at the same time, definitely the answer will not be immediate, hence the importance of technology in this type of response.

Now it is possible to sell from a chat in less than 24 hours, without extra staff and without wasting hours of leisure, where some want to buy while others rest. That is the proposal of Chat-Bots, a platform that offers the possibility of selling products by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, thanks to which it is a virtual assistant developed to automate the sales through these channels. With this tool you can generate a sale in minutes and without the intervention of a human.

Trade is changing and the speed of consumption too. Tools like chatbots give consumers the possibility to buy while chatting, and merchants an interesting competitive advantage for their businesses. In the medium term, the virtual assistant will be able to suggest to the user what they could buy based on preferences, photos and data that users may be collecting.

Consumers do not want to leave the channels in which they invest a good part of their time. The brands that want to offer a better customer experience should think of omnichannel strategies and chatbots are positioned as one of the interesting bets of this industry that constantly needs to surprise consumers, who are increasingly demanding.

Taken from: Adaptations of: Sofía Téllez