Bots Vs Apps: Who will survive?

2018-03-06 21:24:43 por: Sofía Tellez

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The bots are the latest fashion and the future of technology. This is thanks to its multiple applications and opportunities for the retail, financial, logistics, tourism and services sectors.


Recall that a bot is a virtual system that responds to questions and requests and has the ability to automate processes, allowing intuitive interaction with users. Chatbots are a class of bots that work with text and are integrated into instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Skype.

Retaking this tool from a commercial point of view, there is no doubt that the bots have everything to enter strongly in any sector. Its multiple applications of purchase, delivery of information and services, up to the attention of concerns that allow improve the customer experience. To date there are different applications that cover these needs but, Danger of an existence or applications and bots are predestined to coexist?

Here are some terms that allowed us to see the differences between the two to see the future that holds:


The chat will use the interface of the instant messaging application in which it works, where the user will be more familiar and will intuitively know how the tool works. The interface of the application can offer many possibilities in its design and, like the use of alerts that can also be used with bots to encourage their use and improve the experience with any product or service.

  • Service and information.
  • Attention of requests.
  • Management in reservations, appointments, orders.

Using an already installed application

It is a point in favor of the bots is that you do not have to download new applications.

With the use of bots, it is reduced to friction, and can be integrated into the messaging application that is already installed, without the need to download an application.

Loyalty and brand image

If you want to use this technique, the application stands out, that allows you to improve the recording, and if you have a brand of more, people are looking to have it on your mobile and will try to use it. However, you can have an effort to achieve a good level of downloads and the investment does not ensure that customers use it.

Immediateness and certainty in the response

In the case of the application, the client can communicate with the company through a chat as long as this functionality is active. Faced with this aspect, it is worth checking that it is better, if a human response or a personalized response:

It is presented that clients seek to resolve concerns that are frequent (such as the example, the price of a service, the hours of attention or the code of a product), investing in that, the time and the work that can develop with skill a bot .

If the person in charge of answering the chat has other responsibilities, it can be 100% available and a query can take valuable minutes, something that can make them not respond and respond immediately.

Freedom of exploration contents

Navigation through a well-developed application is easy and intuitive, while communication with a chat is simpler and more timely for business processes.

It is worth noting that, in many cases, companies will find a combination of application and chatbot, as the example, a bot can welcome and offer first-hand information, such as suggesting a contact number or downloading the application for the mayor information.

There is a different formula for each type of client and company, and applications such as chatbots offer their advantages and complement each other perfectly; It is not about choosing something else, but about choosing the best service that can be done better to current needs.