Artificial intelligence, a useful tool in companies

2019-02-14 15:33:08 por: Sofía Tellez

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Hello, I'm Manuel and today I want to tell you about the use of artificial intelligence in companies.

In this age of innovation and technology, artificial intelligence is making its mark, as it has gone from demonstrative experimentation to verify the functionality of artificial intelligence to implement it in companies from different sectors to improve or support its processes.

Thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence such as data analysis, machine learning and decision making from these data, you can optimize and automate processes within companies to increase their profitability .

Some of the sectors in which companies are having a digital transformation from artificial intelligence are:

Financial Sector: For the development of research and fraud analysis projects, advisory systems, calculation of credit risks, automation of frequent customer inquiries, among others.

Industrial Sector: To contribute to the development of projects that use robotization, virtual reality, augmented reality and nanotechnology.

Health Sector: For the generation of diagnoses of general medicine, the intelligent emergency triage, the monitoring of the clinical history of each patient, surgery, among others.

Energy Sector: To forecast energy supply and demand, perform real-time analysis, detect errors, perform predictive maintenance and measure energy efficiency.

Logistics and Transport Sector: To generate intelligent search for alternative routes taking into account traffic and to locate and track vehicles in real time, among others.

Education Sector: To implement intelligent and analytical learning tutoring systems.

Tourism: To offer information and assistance to travelers, make reservations and receive reservation information, among others.

Other Sectors: To support areas of customer service, commercial, human talent, operational, financial, accounting, management, administrative and customer service both internal and external.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence is nowadays an innovative tool that helps companies automate and improve their processes, regardless of the sector to which they belong.

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