10 advantages of having a chat on the website

2018-10-11 17:06:41 por: Sofía Tellez

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Hi, I'm Manuel, now let's talk about the 10 advantages of having a chatbot on the website. Let's start!

  1. It is a competitive strategy, which automates processes in addition to improving the user experience.
  2. Speed ​​up the response to the requirements of the users, fidelizing them with the company.
  3. It allows to receive orders, to check availability of references, to confirm date and time of product delivery, without mistakes.
  4. Decrease the possibility of losing customers due to a bad design of the website or to the delay in the customer service line.
  5. It allows to offer information about products or services to its customers.
  6. Diminish wait times, since it can give an answer to a number of simultaneous answers.
  7. It offers coherent answers, respectful and fast to the requirements of the users, also becoming an accurate strategy that optimizes time.
  8. Support the sales process online without considering your customers.
  9. Reduce the workload of the customer service collaborators.
  10. It is an innovative strategy that goes hand in hand with the digital transformation that opens the way to new markets.

Thus, a chatbot on the website is an ally that can automate the processes and in turn help to retain their customers.

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